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RE: [IP] Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Betsy.....I had to respond to your letter....I remember so being a child at Easter and no Easter basket....no candy...I cried when I read your letter....The memories come flooding back .....I'm SO HAPPY for you and your child....in my opinion,if a child can do injections....they can do the pump..!!!!!!I thank God every day also for my pump.....I feel somethimes that I missed that part of childhood, but I'm making up for it NOW!!!!!.....I have never regretted one day that I've been on the pump....EVER........children should be told when diagnosed about the pump....I can't say it enough...EDUCATION IS THE KEY......good luck to you guys........
Type 1 33 years and pumping for 2 years......

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Hurray! Stephanie got her very first chocolate Easter bunny, ever, today, and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, just watching her face. I never felt I could give her even a little bit of Easter candy before (somehow "have some candy and an extra shot" seemed less than exciting). This morning we let her eat half of her bunny with her breakfast (okay, I got a little excited and let her have chocolate for breakfast) and her numbers are still running great! The pump has made a wonderful difference in our lives, already, and we're only 2 1/2 weeks into this! Praise God for pumps and carbo counting!

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