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Re: [IP] Chocolate Easter Bunnies

I was diagnosed at Easter 20 years ago.  I was 15 and in the Children's Ward
of our hospital, in a room with three other girls who did not have diabetes.

On Easter morning, the other girls had small baskets of candy placed near
their beds by the nurses.  I did not have anything.  One of my roomies asked
a nurse why I hadn't gotten one.  The nurse said, "diabetics don't get

Okay, I was 15.  I did not need a &^#$@~!!*@ Easter basket.  But you'd think
they could've found SOMETHING I could have...  piece of fruit, small toy,
comic book ??

Even then, it seemed like a foreshadowing.  That someone somewhere would
always be telling me that I couldn't have something because of this disease.
I wasn't that far off, either.

I'll never forget that Easter morning.


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