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Re: [IP] Child anxiety during set changes

> The soft sets are probably coming out because of the tape.  What kind of
> tape are you using?  Don't use the stuff that comes with the sets and
> don't use IV3000.  Some here have better luck with Kendall Polyskin II or
> Tegaderm.  Once the tape issue is resolved, TJ won't have the soft sets
> come out, and no pain with site/set changes while using the soft serter.
I understand that TJ is 5, right? I would be very supprised if he has 
adequate subcu fat to use a sof-set. Even though it is easy to 
insert, this may be the wrong set for him. Take a good look at the 
Silohette/Tender type of infusion set, it can be put in where the 
body fat is much thinner. I know this may be tough, but it might be a 
better solution until he is older (and thicker skinned/fat)  maybe at 
11 -12 years old.

Michael <email @ redacted>
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