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Re: Re: [IP] Mystery challenge - Where did the 9.9 units go?

On 11 Apr 98 at 10:51, Raillfan wrote:

> Yes, I've had the same problem before. Only happened once in the full year
> that I have been pumping. But it would explain a lot for the black hole
> theory. I figure there will be some inherent problems with pumping such as the
> "INSULIN BLACK HOLE", but only once in one year!!!!! Hey for the benefits it
> provides, I can live with the occasional problem.

I subscribe to the black hole theory too.  Yesterday afternoon my bg 
shot up to 285 for no good reason, so I started bolusing.  After 15 
units in two hours it started coming down - to 235.  I set a 
temporary basal rate of 3 units/hour for three hours, and by bedtime 
it was down to 186.  This morning when I woke up it was 189...  A 
total of 70.2 units yesterday...  Today it was up all morning and 
jumped again to 287 after lunch...  so I bolused, set a temp basal 
rate and kept on going.  After dinner it was down to 135 - finally.  
Today so far I've had 72 units....  my normal daily total is around 
51 units...  I think I'm going to chalk it all up to normal "who 
knows" and eat a donut for breakfast in the morning...

Randall Winchester

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