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Re: [IP] Insurance questions

> LBE FSD wrote:
> Hi all,
> I thought we had most of the initial pump bills paid, but got another one from
> the clinic today that had most charges denied by BCBS of SD -- that's South
> Dakota (for those of you in on the joke).   Both my endo and the nurse
> educator labelled my hospital time as "patient training/education"  and I got
> a "not covered by the contract" response.  Do I have any hope of appealing
> this? 

I don't know what your chances of appealing it are, but my endo approached it
differently when I went in for training. He termed it "observation for patient 
safety" (or something like that), and they had no problem with it at all. Since
I had had 37 years experience treating my diabetes before that he told me I
to be there because if the dosage was excessive, which COULD hppen, I needed 
trained medical support to be sure it was handled immediately. It wasn't a 
matter of "training" me, it was insuring my health, which is what a "health 
insurance" company is paid premiums for.......

Actually he wasn't training ME, I was the first patient he'd put on pump
therapy, so I was training HIM to train me. Oh well, I'd spent some years 
training his father in the late 50s and early 60s, so now it was his turn!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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