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Re: [IP] Velosulin vs. Humalog

Kaseyfs wrote:
> Hi everyone.  We went to the endo Friday for pump training for our daughter
> Kayla (5 yrs. old).  They sent us home with a loaner pump for two weeks and I
> have to wear it for 3 days, then hubby, then Kayla for a week with one
> infusion set change.  Sounds like a good idea to me and gives all of us the
> chance to feel what we think we are willing to subject Kayla to.  But that's a
> whole 'nother story...

Good for you, glad you're getting started.
> We discussed using Humalog vs. Velosulin.  "They" seem to think we need to use
> diluted Velosulin because her basal rates are going to be so small.  With a
> diluant she will get more pulses of insulin, and if an occlusion occurs, we
> aren't 6 hours down the road before the pump alarms.  (We're using the MiniMed
> 507.)  "They" said Humalog cannot be diluted, so we should use Velosulin.
> Right now her total daily insulin intake is around 15 units NPH & H (9 1/2 N
> and sliding H).  Her pump dosage is expected to be 20-30% lower, so that would
> mean small basals.

OK, but I've used as little as 0.2 units/hour on pure Humalog and haven't had 
clogging problems any more than I did when I first used Velosulin or Lily "R"
just after getting my pump. The clooging issue is made too much of by doctors, 
IMHO, and isn't really an issue with current pumps and infusion sets. They're
addressing what USED to happen before developments took care of the problems.
> A few questions:
> Can Humalog be diluted?

Not that I know of, but I've never seen a reason to find out. Of course I'm
not 5, even if I was when diagnosed.

> If not, do we really need diluted insulin because of very low basal rates?


> seems if we are checking BG's diligently, we'd catch occlusions before the
> alarm.

> We've been using Humalog for about a year and love it's predictability.
> Before H we were using Regular and had lots of trouble.  I don't want to get
> into that unpredictability again.

Rightly so. 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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