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[IP] Re: Velosulin vs. Humalog

> We discussed using Humalog vs. Velosulin.  "They" seem to think we need to use
> diluted Velosulin because her basal rates are going to be so small.  With a
> diluant she will get more pulses of insulin, and if an occlusion occurs, we
> aren't 6 hours down the road before the pump alarms.  (We're using the MiniMed
> 507.) 
Speaking as a PUMPER PARENT. I think I would be inclined to start 
with Velosulin and switch to Humalog after the basal rates were known 
and established. It is a bit more hassle but also a little more 
forgiving in that it takes more time for a mistake to cause an 
excessive high or low. I would NOT dilute the insulin. Lily started 
pumping 5 months after DX and had very low basal rates for almost a 
year. During part of the day (4-5 hours) the basal rate was actually 
set to zero and was at 0.1 for a couple of hours as well. Never had a 
problem with Velosulin.

> we'd catch occlusions before the
> alarm.
Quit worrying about occlusions, they are rare and will be caught in 
the normal course of testing.  The regiemn for a child should be to 
check about an hour before meal time and again 2 to 3 hours after. 
Calculate the unused insulin and correct accordingly. As long as you 
have Humalog available, pre-meal high blood sugars can easily be 
corrected with an injection of Humalog. That is what my daughter does 
quite successfully. (she will go back on Humalog in a couple of 
> We've been using Humalog for about a year and love it's predictability.
> Before H we were using Regular and had lots of trouble.  I don't want to get
> into that unpredictability again.
Then if you don't want to use Velosulin, use a mix of Humalog / 
Velosulin of 5 / 1

Michael dad of Lily 14, pumping 3 years MM506

Michael <email @ redacted>
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/