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Re: [IP] Insurance questions

I too got the manager of employee benefits involved when my daughter's monthly
visits to her CDE for pump "fine-tuning" were disallowed..I used the argument
that they'd recently sent out a general letter citing the need NOT to race to
the ER for minor emergencies, due to the outrageous charges...So here I was
paying less than $50/month  for educational training to preclude the need for
doing that very thing (ER visit) which had cost $1200 for a few hours the one
time we resorted to that route shortly after she started pumping.(which of
course the ins. co paid in full) ... The manager sent me a check covering %80
of all her visits, out of a "special fund"....The more I hear, the more I
believe that ins. co. employees really ARE told to initially reject everything
in hopes that people will be too busy, frustrated, disorganized, whatever to
pursue the claim!!!...

Regards, Renee
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