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Re: [IP] Soft-set questions

> bsale wrote:
> Hello! Is the "voice of experience" (that would be you if you've used soft
> sets with quick release) here today? Stephanie just tried a sample soft-set
> from mini-med and is anxious to try the quick release for her shower.
> Unfortunately, Mini-med clinical services hotline folks are vacationing this
> weekend (the operator offered to page them, but since this isn't an emergency,
> I decided to try y'all first), and there are no printed instructions with the
> samples they sent. I assume the little plug goes in the "tail" that stays on
> Steph, but does she need to put a slide clamp on the end of the tube that
> stays with the pump? De we need to bolus any when she reconnects to fill air
> space?  Thanks for any and all help!

The silicone rubber plug goes on the needle inside the connector. Not sure 
which end that's on, I gave up on QRs fairly soon after they came out, since 
I found Comfort sets, which I think are much better. At least MiniMed now
has the Silhoette, which is the same thing.

You don't need to use the slide clamp. I did once or twice, but since then
just leave the end open, with the pump still active, and it keeps the set from
draining out by gravity without replacing it. I also put the pump in the
cabinet when I take a shower, and hook the canula end over the top of the hinged
door so the needle is more or less pointed up, so gravity doesn't have much
chance to drain it anyway.

I always bolus 0.2 units before reconnecting, just to be sure I haven't lost
more than that in incidental leakages at the far end. If it doesn't put some 
insulin out through the connector needle at that point I do it again. That
doesn't happen often, about twice in 4+ years.

DOn't worry about filling air space in what she still has attached to her.
There's nothing to push the standing insulin into her without the pump, and
bolusing to try to correct a non-existant problem tends to lead to low bg...

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/