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Re: [IP] Insurance questions

My ludicrous problems with Prudential were resolved only after I:  1.
Had an attorney contact them;  2.  Publicized my predicament on the
site, naming the insurance company;  3.  Asked the manager of employee
benefits to become involved ( you might extrapolate from my individual
situation an appropriate advocate ) and; 4.  Made a statement that I was
an insulin dependent diabetic, that stress for me resulted in higher BG
and possible resultant injury, and that I was documenting each and every
communication re Prudential .

After arguments over a s-month+ period of time, my claim was paid within
seven days of my having accomplished ALL of above.

I have come to the conclusion that it is important in this type of
situation to ALWAYS speak strongly.  After all, any insurance company
could be made to look downright silly in a court of law attempting to
argue the validity of a pump payment denial!
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