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Re: [IP] pump wearers are the experts!

Congrats Delaine!!!  Keep it up (or maybe that should be down when referring
to A1c's?)!
dx '71, MM507 1/98, Humalog
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From: Delaine Wright <email @ redacted>
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Date: April 11, 1998 01:57 PM
Subject: [IP] pump wearers are the experts!

>Hello all!
> Thought you would appreciate this.... saw my endo yesterday.  My first
>"official" glycated on the pump = 6.3%  < :))  YIPPEEE! >, down from 7.1 on
>MDI's & an 8.1 the time before that!  I promised my endo that the NEXT time
>he saw me, I would be a 5!  I know now that I can do that - pumping has
>made it all possible!  And just as importantly, my SMBG averages range from
>96 mg/dl fasting to 130 post prandial.  WOW!  I feel the BEST I've felt in
>a long time(!) - even the shoulder doesn't bother me so much anymore!  I
>even bought those... well, you know those really disgusting, pure sugar,
>pink "PEEPS" (??) - always for sale at Eastertime??  YUM!  Gosh - feels so
>good to feel so free!  I couldn't be happier, nor more enthusiastic for the
>pump!!! :)))
> My endo & I had a long discussion about the benefits of pumping vs. MDI.
>Because of my experience, and that of a few other patients of his, that
>office is putting record numbers on pump therapy! (10 just last week).
>Looks like expansion of list services is happening just in time, Michael!
>I know that you will all be THRILLED to hear this as well..... one of the
>things my endo said was that pump therapy is very exciting for physicians
>like him because it "finally puts all aspects of intensive management &
>control of diabetes in the hands of the patient, which is where it should
>be!  And, the results prove - it WORKS!"  (I LOVE THIS GUY!)  AND, he said
>that "TRULY(!) - the pump wearers are the EXPERTS!"  :)))  I told him about
>this list, and all the tips that I have learned from here (thanks to all of
>you!).  He asked me to send him the details, as he is interested in
>subscription!  (I could have hugged the man... and cried(!) - all in the
>same breath!)  Knowing how much difficulty others have had with
>"inappropriate" & rather "unbending" medical advice, I told him profusely
>how much his attitude meant to many.  On behalf of all of us, I have asked
>him to use every opportunity to influence other medical professionals in
>this regard.  He promises to do all he can.  (Anyone need an angel/endo in
>Providence, RI??)
>Delaine M. Wright, MS  clinical exercise physiologist
>Type 1 - 16 yrs, MM507 (11/97) and THRILLED!!
>...and soon to be a CDE myself, by the way.  (I will NOT sit quietly!)
>Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/