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[IP] pump wearers are the experts!

Hello all!

	Thought you would appreciate this.... saw my endo yesterday.  My first
"official" glycated on the pump = 6.3%  < :))  YIPPEEE! >, down from 7.1 on
MDI's & an 8.1 the time before that!  I promised my endo that the NEXT time
he saw me, I would be a 5!  I know now that I can do that - pumping has
made it all possible!  And just as importantly, my SMBG averages range from
96 mg/dl fasting to 130 post prandial.  WOW!  I feel the BEST I've felt in
a long time(!) - even the shoulder doesn't bother me so much anymore!  I
even bought those... well, you know those really disgusting, pure sugar,
pink "PEEPS" (??) - always for sale at Eastertime??  YUM!  Gosh - feels so
good to feel so free!  I couldn't be happier, nor more enthusiastic for the
pump!!! :)))

	My endo & I had a long discussion about the benefits of pumping vs. MDI.
Because of my experience, and that of a few other patients of his, that
office is putting record numbers on pump therapy! (10 just last week).
Looks like expansion of list services is happening just in time, Michael!
I know that you will all be THRILLED to hear this as well..... one of the
things my endo said was that pump therapy is very exciting for physicians
like him because it "finally puts all aspects of intensive management &
control of diabetes in the hands of the patient, which is where it should
be!  And, the results prove - it WORKS!"  (I LOVE THIS GUY!)  AND, he said
that "TRULY(!) - the pump wearers are the EXPERTS!"  :)))  I told him about
this list, and all the tips that I have learned from here (thanks to all of
you!).  He asked me to send him the details, as he is interested in
subscription!  (I could have hugged the man... and cried(!) - all in the
same breath!)  Knowing how much difficulty others have had with
"inappropriate" & rather "unbending" medical advice, I told him profusely
how much his attitude meant to many.  On behalf of all of us, I have asked
him to use every opportunity to influence other medical professionals in
this regard.  He promises to do all he can.  (Anyone need an angel/endo in
Providence, RI??)

Delaine M. Wright, MS  clinical exercise physiologist 
Type 1 - 16 yrs, MM507 (11/97) and THRILLED!!	
...and soon to be a CDE myself, by the way.  (I will NOT sit quietly!)

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/