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[IP] Now have complete backup set!

Hello All,

Haven't had much time to read this list, finally catching up.

You may recall some time ago that I was trying to complete my backup pump
kit with another Glucometer Elite and a Sof-Serter. I'm on a Minimed 507
(~7 months now, straight Humalog, using Minimed's Quick Release Sofset, and
have been feeling really great, BG's down in the range of 135-160
consistently now.

Euglycemia (Carolyn ?) from our group sent me a Glucometer Elite free.
Thanks again, Carolyn!

Several folks suggested contacting Minimed directly for another Sof-Serter,
and they finally sent me another one (free). It *might* have helped that I
told them that I bought all my supplies (except for the Humalog, of course)
directly from Minimed.

I commute about an hour a day to work, and I wanted to make sure that I had
a complete backup kit at work and at home. I used to carry everything
including the Humalog in the car with me, but I didn't like the idea of the
Humalog being un refrigerated. 

Now, if I could only get used to not having both sets with me at home or at
ernie garcia email @ redacted OR email @ redacted
Computer Support Analyst   Central Washington University  Ellensburg, WA
DX ~18 years  Minimed 507 pumping Humalog ~ 7 months --& It's great!
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