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Re: [IP] Soft-set questions

Is the tail you refer to in #2 the part on the pump, or what stays on
Stephanie? We took the QR apart, and there is a needle in the long tube that
stays on the pump, but I don't see any on the small tail that stays on
Steph. Since her Disetronic is waterproof, we don't have to use the quick
release, and this isn't urgent, but I'm curious about how to make life
easier for future reference. Thanks again!

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From: Bob Burnett <email @ redacted>
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Date: Saturday, April 11, 1998 11:08 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Soft-set questions

>1) You don't need to use a slide clamp
>2) Yes, the little plug goes in the tail piece. Try not to bend the needle
portion when you place the plug on it.
>3) You don't need to bolus to fill any air space, since no air should be
present. You may want to bolus .5 units or so *BEFORE* you reconnect, to
make sure there is no air in the end of the tubing connected to the pump.
>Holler if need be .......
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>Hello! Is the "voice of experience" (that would be you if you've used soft
sets with quick release) here today? Stephanie just tried a sample soft-set
from mini-med and is anxious to try the quick release for her shower.
Unfortunately, Mini-med clinical services hotline folks are vacationing this
weekend (the operator offered to page them, but since this isn't an
emergency, I decided to try y'all first), and there are no printed
instructions with the samples they sent. I assume the little plug goes in
the "tail" that stays on Steph, but does she need to put a slide clamp on
the end of the tube that stays with the pump? De we need to bolus any when
she reconnects to fill air space? Thanks for any and all help!
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