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Re: [IP] Diabetes is not my fault

Thank you Bob, it sounds as though you are writing about my life.  I'll take
a wild guess and say that it sounds as though you are writing about the
lives of many (most?) of us here.

I'm very glad that you also decided to leave names out of it.  Unfortunate
as it is, sometimes this wonderful medium of communication allows us to
react too quickly and without enough thought.  The relation of this event
with our holiday weekend should remind us all of the possibilities to
forgive and forget.

I've learned so many helpful things from our list.  I am a very analytical
person and find many others that approach diabetes in a similar way here.
Sometimes it works in that neat, cookbook sort of fashion that the portion
of the medical profession who do not work closely with diabetes on a daily
basis expect it to.  However, I would also LIKE to be able to expect my
diabetes to be logical, analytical, and predictable.  I know enough about
me, to feel like arguing when my father-in-law (a urologist) refers to me as
"brittle".  I also know that when I have one of those frustrating days I
especially need to remember what Bob has written.

Happy Easter and Passoverr to all.  Thanks for the lift.

dx '71, MM507 1/98,
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From: Bob Burnett <email @ redacted>
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Date: April 11, 1998 05:28 AM
Subject: [IP] Diabetes is not my fault

>Names are not needed:
>Diabetes is not my fault. I did not choose this disease, it found me.
>It's not a lot of fun. I work at it - some days I work very hard at it and
>things still don't turn out the way they should. Some days I get tired of
>working at it and let things slide a bit - I'm human, after all, not a
>"My numbers" are not always "my fault". Some days I test a lot and my
>numbers are great - it's not always obvious to me why they are good. Some
>days I test a lot and my numbers are not so good - it's not always obvious
>to me why they aren't so good. I continue to try.
>Some days I simply don't understand the numbers - they are after all, "just
>numbers". They don't truly reflect all the little things in my life which
>can make this "big thing" so hard to cope with. I still try, but at times I
>struggle to remember that diabetes is not my fault.
>Diabetes is not the fault of my friends. I have often taken the big step
>and opened up to my friends, seeking their advice and collective wisdom. If
>their feedback helps me solve a problem or get over a bump, I am so
>grateful. If I ask a question which seems "silly" they don't criticize me
>or chide me. If their advice doesn't work for me, I am still grateful.
>After all, my friends asked nothing from me in return, they don't condemn
>me for trying, nor scold me for the results I achieved. They are my
>To all those who have joined us - welcome to the group ;-)
>Bob Burnett
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