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Re: [IP] Mystery challenge - Where did the 9.9 units go?


Had one of these "bleeders" the other day. Essentially the same scenario as
Lily. When I removed the base of the old set several hours after changing,
"Helloooooooooo!!!!!!". That's always interesting.

My BGs had responded in much the same way (very stubborn to bring down the
high, though the results were not quite the same as Lily's - after all, my
mileage varies.

When I experienced scenarios like this with Humalog, I would consider two
possibilities (others may have additional things to consider): 1) Humalog
"losing it's kick", often I'd change to new juice; 2) site / set issue,
usually I'd change site. Sometimes there was a bit of blood in the cannula.

Since returning to Velosulin, my troubleshooting of these events has
simplified to just considering site / set issues, since the Velosulin
remains stable in the cartridge for the entire fill. (Again, this is my
mileage). I admit that insulin viability is still in the back of my mind,
though when doing this detective work, it's just not item #1 or #2 on my
list anymore.

Glad the whole thing worked out. Now, what time of day do you wake up, so
the next time this happens to me, I can call you for some troubleshooting
advice ;-)

Bob Burnett

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