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Re: [IP] Mystery challenge - Where did the 9.9 units go?

>     Would you believe "into the black hole" in outer space???..Otherwise known
> as "beats me"....This has happened occasionally to Melissa, with no
> discernible explanation..We theorize there's a pool of wayward insulin
> floating around her body somewhere looking for a "home"....

Another CLUE

The same mystery disappearance of 6 units of Regular occured at 
lunchtime. Lily used a Humalog injection to straighten things out and 
then changed her set.

OH BOY!!!  She got a gusher when she pulled out the old (new 
yesterday) infusion set (a TENDER). She called me on the phone and 
described the blood running over her hand, her undies, down her leg, 
on mom's bed and bathrobe. Hmmmm.... seems we've heard this story 
before on the list.

Members!!  Have you experienced the weird disappearing bolus 
phenomena with bleeders??

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