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    My 15 yr old daughter's been on Vasotec for a year now & had no bladder
problems....For general info., after being hospitalized & requiring IV
antibiotics, I developed "c-diff"- a bacterial infection caused from the
original antibiotics wiping out the "good" bacteria in the intestinal tract
(got all that??)..Anyway, my best friend (R.N.) swears by Acidopholus capsules
(available OTC in any pharmacy) whenever taking antibiotics- avoids
gastrointestinal discomfort & subsequent yeast infections caused by taking the
antibiotics in the first place!!!)...Since then my daughters & I all got
bronchitis, my husband got a sinus infection & we all used the
Acidopolus....No secondary problems arose, so I'm "sold"...Ask your doc...

regards, Renee
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