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Re: [IP] Plans for Insulin-Pumpers

    Wow - at this rate, you'd almost need to give up your day job! Congrats on
a truly phenomenal service you're providing here...Not sure I'm computer
literate enough to assist, but I do have the time (finished my final chemo
yesterday - hooray!!!) so e-mail me separately please & explain what it would
   BTW, does everyone know that Minimed now has a new booklet about Teens &
Pumping???..based on the Yale University study group of adolescent pumpers'
experiences...So if you know of any kids thinking of "taking the plunge" you
might want to pass this info on to them...I skimmed through it today (arrived
FedEx 2 days after I called California) & it's pretty well done....

Regards, Renee (aka Melissa's mom)
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/