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Ionam wrote:
> Hi, fellow pumpers:
> Woke up today and think I may be starting a bladder infection.  Wouldn't you
> know, this is Good Friday and my endo is off today.  He's a very busy guy, so
> hate to bother him on a holiday, his office is in Santa Barbara and I am 75
> miles north.  Can any of you illuminate me as to the seriousness of this type
> of infection in regards to diabetes?  Any suggestions would be most
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Iona
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Oh boy.....bladder infections.  What fun (lots of sarcasm here).  I've
only had 2 in the last year, but during my college years I would get
them every month.  Finally a Urologist put me on a low dose of
antibiotics for a long, long time.  This finally gave my system enough
time to make a recovery.  However the constant antibiotics can cause
yeast infections, so I had my share of those too.

A Dr. will usually prescribe antibiotics and pyridium (sp?) for the
discomfort.  The pyridium will turn your pee a lovely fluorescent orange
color.  You can also buy over the counter drugs now that will relieve
the discomfort.  The "active ingredient" is phenazopyridine.  One brand
name I have used is called AZO.  Comes in a little box with 30 tablets.

If you can't get to the dr. until Monday, go buy some of these at the
drug store and drink lots and lots of water.  Watch your bg's due to the
infection.  Then get to the dr. as soon as you can for a prescription to
clear the problem up. (Oh yeah, and stay close to the bathroom, as you
will have to pee alot).

Hope you feel better soon.
Becky D.

Becky Draper
Hammond, WI
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/