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Re: [IP] Re: Insurance for Pump

When I encountered a multitude of problems with Prudential re funding of
my D pump, my daughter, an attorney, was probably my most effective
greatest ploy.  As soon as she even contacted Prudential, in order to
deal with her involvement as an  attorney, their corporate attorneys had
to become involved.  

It is my opinion that it is appropriate  and very cost effective to
involve an attorney to at least contact your insurance company.  They
may shy away from any dispute with you in order to save their costs of
engaging corporate attorneys.  Your cost could be as little as an
attorney's fee for one half hour.

Your situation reflects how abominable insurance companies have become.
I am sure you have the veracity to deal with this situation, and I am
certain that you will find much support on this site.

Ruth Kapo
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/