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[IP] Re: Insurance for Pump

> Our insurance company here in Central NY is POMCO.  they would not approve me
> for a pump because it is too 'experimental'.  I started the appeal process but
> it doesn't look good....I have given up on trying to get a pump.  My doc works
> with  MiniMed.  8-(
Don't give up. The insurance company 'opinion' that is is 
experimental doesn't make any difference. The medical and legal fact 
is that it is APPROVED by the FDA. The DCCT demonstrates that it 
works beyond a shadow of a doubt. See the DCCT commentary on the 
LINKS page of the website. 

You have firm legal footing to proceed. Make sure and save the 
'damning' reply they sent you for your lawsuit against them.

email @ redacted
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