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[IP] Mystery challenge - Where did the 9.9 units go?

Here's last night's story, maybe someone can help solve the mystery.

Got home from our ski weekend about 7:00 pm and popped dinner in the 
oven. Lily  had just changed her set because the tube on the old one 
had moved and become a little bloody so she was uncomfortable using 
it. She did all the usual priming, etc.... At 7:30 she checked bg's 
for dinner and discovered she was high ~200 so did a hbs + dinner 
bolus of 9.9 units of regular insulin. An hour later, dinner was 
ready and she checked again..... bg's were 260, bummer. We discussed 
why she had not come down and elected to inject 1 unit of Humalog. 
Another hour passed and bg's were now 285. After another discussion, 
much checking etc.... Lily injected another 2 units of Humalog. One 
hour later bg's were 165, right on target for 1u/email @ redacted + 2/email @ redacted
All very mysterious, still no sign of the 9.9 units and 3 hours have 
gone by.  At 12:30 her bg's were 109 so she went to bed, still 
wondering if the set worked and where the 9.9 u went so she ate 1 
glucose tablet for insurance (about 20 - 25 pts). 
Basal rates in the evening up to 1:30 am are 0.1 units per hour, so a 
set that was not working would be very hard to detect with a dinner 
bolus working. At 1:30am, basal goes up to 1.6u/hr until 4:30 when it 
drops to 1.2u/hr. Lily has major dawn effect.
At 3:00 I woke Lily and her bg's were 185, hmmm.. pretty good, but 
basals have only been running for 1 1/2 hrs, Lily bolused down 
(regular on new set) and went back to sleep. At 5:00 I woke her again 
and her bg's were 135. When she got up in the morning, about 9:00 
here bg's were still 135.
The set is clearly working.

Where did the 9.9 units go?????
Set was primed the tube, 5 units were bolused after insertion of the 
3cc syringe into pump, no bubbles we could see. No leaks, no alarms. 
Lily's 506 reliably alarms if the tube is squished or crimped.

Got any ideas??

email @ redacted
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