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Re: [IP] DKA and Ketones

> Hi Sara,
> It isn't that I'm so worried about Ketones infact I'm the other way. I've
> NEVER considered them. Never tested for them. My mode is and or was just take
> care of the high bg. Now, I'm beginning to wonder if I should be more
> concerned.
> It just seemed to me that I would be treating for high bgs weather or not
> ketones were present. What concern is there is ketones are present if you are
> concerned with an acceptable range of bg? I was beginning to think I had more
> to be concerned with.
> So far, seems like the same as any high bg and there is no reason to test for
> ketones.
> Just my impression.
> Katie

Me too, Katie.

I hadn't tested for ketones for, what, 18 years. I went on the pump just
before Christmas, and asked my doc for some ketone strips after I'd read
the dire warnings about pumps and DKA. The doc thought I was wasting
health service resources, but gave me some anyway. (I've found that
works well - if I keep one step ahead of my docs in the diabetes
knowledge game, they're usually very compliant!)

Since then I've tested a few times just out of curiousity. I suppose I'd
only really test if I had a massive bg that wasn't responding quick
enough to extra insulin, and I wanted to reassure myself that I
shouldn't be panicking.


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