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[IP] thanks Michelle and Randall, welcome Cindy

Michelle and Randall,

Thanks for you thoughtful replies to Dave.  I wanted to write this morning but
decided to take a few hours to "cool off" before I started flinging flames and
making the situation worse.  (My heart was literally racing, I was so angry!)

Cindy, please know that you are VERY welcome on this list and I'm sorry that
your first experience had to be having your toes trampled.  This does not
normally happen, usually we are all very supportive of one another.

I can personally relate to trying my darndest to do everything right and still
having lousy A1c's.  That is why I went on the pump.  The pump has made a
tremendous difference and I doubt I could have ever gotten good control or low
A1c's without it.  Because I take a "relatively small amount" of insulin, it
took the pump and being able to bolus in 0.1 unit increments to allow me to
count carbs.  I count them as precisely as I can and DO actually weigh and
measure most foods when I am at home.  I've found that being off by as little
as .2 units can make a BIG difference in my control.  When your carb to
insulin ratio is 20/1, it doesn't take much to get off track.  Try being that
accurate with a syringe!  Not possible.  That's why the MDI routine doesn't
work for some people.  Nothing to beat yourself up over, it just can't be done
without a pump!

So Cindy, welcome to the group.  If MDI isn't working for you, you have every
right to go with the pump.  Don't let a few harsh comments dissuade you.
You'll love the increased freedom and flexibility.

Mary Jean
email @ redacted
IDDM 8 years, MiniMed 507 since 1-28-97.
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/