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Re: Re: [IP] Static and You

In a message dated 4/10/98 7:40:24 PM, you wrote:

<< Last week I awoke to find my MiniMed 507 screen totally blank.  I was
> supposedy to leave on a trip to Canada in an hour and had a million things
> to do.
... snipped stuff in the middle...

> I lost all my settings, but was thrilled to have the clock up again.  Whew
> !!  My girlfriend began breathing normally again.  She is great about all
> this stuff, btw.
> So the leather case and I are history.  I owe a few sheckles on Linda's
> phone bill, and the vacation was saved.>>

That is one of the reasons I went with the Disetronic pump. BACK-UP!!!!! I
have not had any problems with my pumps yet, but there is always the peace of
mind that there is a second pump upstairs in the bathroom just in case, and I
pack it and take it with me on vacation (especially on the cruise we took for
New Year's Holiday, 3 days at sea for one point before reaching land again)
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