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Humalog's original pump "test", was: Re: [IP] 1/5 ratio


I was the person who mentioned that Humalog was originally "tested in
pumps", though I may have stated it a bit differently.

To put this in context:

In the product literature which Lilly packages with Humalog, it is clearly
stated that the "baseline" data for determining Humalog's activity curve
was obtained by infusion of very small basal amounts of Humalog in a test
group of users. (I think the amount was .1 or .2 units per hour). Lilly
does not directly use the word "insulin infusion pump" in this literature,
but they specifically state that the insulin was "infused".

I checked this with my doc who said there is no other way to "infuse"
insulin. So, although this is not an endorsement of pumping Humalog by Eli
Lilly, it appears that they were confident enough with the process to use
it for baseline data for their studies and approval process. Admittedly,
the goals and objectives of the test process were probably different than
our program goals.

If anyone else knows of another way to infuse insulin, please speak up.
Otherwise, I will continue to assume that insulin pumps were used in this
testing phase by Lilly.

Bob Burnett

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