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Re: [IP] Static and You

On 10 Apr 98 at 9:45, Pinocchio wrote:

> Last week I awoke to find my MiniMed 507 screen totally blank.  I was
> supposedy to leave on a trip to Canada in an hour and had a million things
> to do.
... snipped stuff in the middle...

> I lost all my settings, but was thrilled to have the clock up again.  Whew
> !!  My girlfriend began breathing normally again.  She is great about all
> this stuff, btw.
> So the leather case and I are history.  I owe a few sheckles on Linda's
> phone bill, and the vacation was saved.

Glad you got the pump back up and your vacation was saved!  Just goes 
to remind us that nothing is perfect and these things still mess up 
every once in a while...   

Randall Winchester

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