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Re: [IP] carpal tunnel syndrome


My ankles were also swollen. Actually my blood sugars were not terribly
off. I wasn't on the pump yet, so it's hard to tell. One hormone affects
another. It's like a domino effect in the body. My menstral cycles were
getting longer and heavier. My personality had changed- depressed. It
was a releif to finally get an answer to the changes. I was upset
because- another thing is wrong with me. I got over it quickly, that
tiny little sweet pill is hardly anything to be upset with. There are no
side effects whch pleases me. It takes a long time to stabilize about 2
mos for me.


Michelle Rands wrote:
> this explains why my ankles and feet have been swollen...i am trying to
> wait patiently for the results of my thyroid test...all other tests have
> come back normal...so thru this group i found out what test to ask for
> and asked my dr and he gave me the same old tests...so this is the second
> time asking for thyroid antibody....thyroid can also mess with your
> sugars ..right???michelle piper at email @ redacted
> On Thu, 09 Apr 1998 13:39:29 +0000 email @ redacted writes:
> >Tonya,
> >
> >I didn't have carpal tunnel with either of my pregnancies. I developed
> >it last year(Jan '97). My carpal tunnel was a sympton of
> >hypothyroidism.
> >Since an underactive thyroid slows down the metabolism the body seems
> >to
> >retain water(although I was not at all overweight). This had caused my
> >carpal tunnel to swell. But I had other symptoms as well. This may not
> >be your situation, but checking the thyroid may not be a terrible
> >idea.
> >
> >Rona
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