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[IP] Static and You

Last week I awoke to find my MiniMed 507 screen totally blank.  I was
supposedy to leave on a trip to Canada in an hour and had a million things
to do.

I had changed the batteries the night before, so I did that again -- NOTHING
!!  My ride was on her way.  I began taking injections.

I called MiniMed from her car phone, and got through fairly quickly.  They
didn't have any smart person there, so they had to call us back.  My
girlfriend was getting panicky -- I was pretending that everything was cool.

A woman called us and suggested I remeove the pump from the leather case and
take the batteries out, as the case can create a static charge.  She said it
would take at least 2 hours.  We waited and it worked.

I lost all my settings, but was thrilled to have the clock up again.  Whew
!!  My girlfriend began breathing normally again.  She is great about all
this stuff, btw.

So the leather case and I are history.  I owe a few sheckles on Linda's
phone bill, and the vacation was saved.

Where are we going and what's with the handbasket?
email @ redacted

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