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Re: [IP] how long does it take

> Hello there...It's my wife who usually posts here but today it's my turn...
> I'm wondering how long it took you all to get your basal rates and bolus
> ratios set...
> Our endo insists on keeping our son TJ on Ultralente (one a day injection)
> along with Humalog in the pump..For three days now we have been trying to
> set basal rates and boluses and well, it's been nothing but eratic..60 to
> 600....If any of you can tell me how long it took you I'd appreciate it
> greatly...

It can't be done with the long acting insulin present.
READ "Pumping-Insulin"
READ the HOWTO's on the website.

You are probably much better off doing it yourself.  I do this for my 
daughter. I do have her doc's approval, he has been very helpful but 
Lily is still his youngest pump patient even at 14 after 3 years. He 
has many pump patients and many patients younger than Lily whose 
parents simply are not interested in the pump.



Michael <email @ redacted>
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/