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[IP] alternative treatments

In a message dated 98-04-08 15:40:44 EDT, Delaine wrote:

>  	I am currently
>  getting some dramatic relief with the help of a chiropractic physician.
>  Believe me, the idea sounded crazy to me at first.  I work in healthcare,
>  and although I always considered myself open to holistic approaches, this
>  was ME & I was skeptical. 

I also was originally skeptical of this - with all their heigh ho good moods
and positive thinking crap, but after several years of really good ones, I
have to say it definitely helps my neck cricks.  It also helps my shoulder
pain which sounds similar to everyone elses. But they have been unable to do
anyting about the hip pain which I have a feeling may also be related to
sciatica (sp)

Plus on top of all that good stuff they do, my baby brother is a chiropractor.
and he is really good.  It does help but you have to:
     A:  have a good one who knows what they are doing and 
     B: you have to TRUST that they know what they are doing and relax. and
     C.  one or two visits are not gonna solve all the problems - you may have
to go for several weeks or months.

A lot of the herbal remedies and accupuncture and massage stuff is starting to
really infiltrate the chiropractors, and therefor trickle down into mainstream
medicine, now that chiropractors are more accepted - heck even most insurances
will cover them now, whereas 10 years ago - fagedaboudit!  Many chiropractors
are even getting their MDs so they can use a combination of drugs,
manipulations and alternative medicine treatments to make you better - now all
I need is time to find one in NYC.

>   I am only 31 years old, and would describe myself as a
>  "cartwheel/back-flip type" person (even MORE so now with the pump!!), who
>  has recently been struggling with washing my hair & taking off a
>  turtleneck!  Pardon the french but, "THIS SUCKS!"  ;)  - Hope this helps
>  someone else.

Join the club - it isn't all JUST age and it ain't just in our heads!!!

Sara (34 and can still do a cartwheel but never had the balls to go for the
back flip)
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