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[IP] Educating the educated (was sholder pain)

In a message dated 98-04-09 06:35:01 EDT, Dianne wrote:
>  As I told the ER nurse who was telling me what I should be doing when I was
>  being discharged after a particularly nasty night of "partying with the
>  paramedics"  (who said that?  that was a wonderful way to put it!)  -- She
>  said to make sure I called doctor - "He's the expert"..  I told her "He's 
> the doctor: I'm the expert."  One nurse actually said she thought ALL
>  had nasty temperments.  

While in NYU during the first week of my infamous appendix scandal in January
(when the quacks thouhgt I had diverticulitis...) a nurse came to tell me that
the attending resident had decided to change my IV from 5% dextrose to 2.5%.
I said "no way - my endo wants the 5% becuase I am not eating  anything and I
need the CHO to keep from going into ketosis"  She said, "the resident
"doctor" gave the order."  (she emphasized the word DOCTOR like it had a
special meaning) and I said:

"I DON'T CARE IF HE IS THE RESIDENT GOD...you aren't changing my IV without
discussing it with me and my endo."  

that stirred him up pretty good when she told him.   heh heh heh.  My endo
subsequently, backed me up and vetoed the change, AND let the resident have

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