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Re: [IP] DKA and Ketones AND sleep?

And John said:

>Oh and one more thing...
>At risk of confusing people completely, you can also get ketones in the
>urine after a long hypo (rather than high bg). Typically after one of
>those night time hypos. Your body can't get enough energy from the
>glucose in your blood, because there's not enough glucose there - that's
>why you're having a hypo. So it breaks down fat for energy, and makes
>ketones. These then show up in your urine.
>By the time morning comes, your hypo is over, your bg has rebounded and
>is now very high, so you're showing classic high bg, high ketone signs.
>This can confuse doctors no end!
>If you suspect you've had a mild hypo in the night but didn't wake up -
>perhaps you know the feeling, waking with a headache - you can test for
>this by checking your urine for ketones. If ketones are there, and
>you're sure your insulin's working fine, it would suggest you've had a
    What if you are like Rhonda and I and can't sleep long enough to have a
hypo???????? How many have sleep disturbances, shoulder pain or other body
parts that have been self destructing so that you don't rest well enough to
sleep more than a couple hours at any one time?

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