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Re: [IP] carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, etc....

On  9 Apr 98 at 8:01, Laurie Brack Jeff Montgomery wrote:

> Finally He suggested that I go back to the Doc. who works for the company I work
> for, and he blamed the diabetes.  It is a great scape goat for the
> medical profession.  I had to pay for my own MRI to find out that the
> socket was bruised.  The insurance would not pay for this as an onthe
> job accident, but they used this to evaluate my claim. ??? Does
> something sound like it sucks here?

This is unfortunately the way the system works.  I remember my doctor 
telling me a few years ago that anything that I did would be 
attributed to me having diabetes.  We discussed the fact that for 
many in the medical field people with long-term conditions become 
nothing more than a walking diagnosis...   He told me that if I came 
into the hospital with a broken leg the primary diagnosis would be 
diabetes mellitus with a broken leg as a complication...  We have a 
continual uphill battle to fight for our recognition as human beings 

Randall Winchester

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