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Re: [IP] DKA and Ketones

At 12:18 4/9/98 EDT, Katie wrote:
>Hi Sara,
>It isn't that I'm so worried about Ketones infact I'm the other way. I've
>NEVER considered them. Never tested for them. My mode is and or was just take
>care of the high bg. Now, I'm beginning to wonder if I should be more
>It just seemed to me that I would be treating for high bgs weather or not
>ketones were present. What concern is there is ketones are present if you are
>concerned with an acceptable range of bg? I was beginning to think I had more
>to be concerned with.
>So far, seems like the same as any high bg and there is no reason to test for
>Just my impression.

At my endocrinologist's advice, I test my urine for ketones every morning
when I get up.  I have intermittent trouble with the Dawn Phenomenon, but
it's inconsistent, so sometimes I crash during the night due to the
increased basal rate I'm using at 3AM.

It turns out that when you have ketones in your bloodstream, it actually
requires insulin to process them (your kidneys only filter them when they go
above a certain threshold, just like with glucose).  As a result, if your
urine is indicating ketones, you need to bolus a little extra (beyond what
you'd bolus to bring down the accompanying high BG).

The following boluses (which are pretty commonly recommended) for ketones
seem to work pretty well for me:

0.5U for trace
1.0U for small (+)
2.0U for medium (++)
3.0U for large (+++)


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