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Re: [IP] carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, etc....

At 08:01 4/9/98 -0700, Laurie wrote:
>Does the carpal tunnel take a long time to heal? and does it work?I
>would really like the pain to quit, for I love to fish, and I need that
>wrist! any info would be appreciated.

I've only had experience with the mild first stages of CTS (I pound a
keyboard all day, so it's no surprise).  What I find helps when it flares up
is wearing a wrist brace, _especially_ at night when you're sleeping.  It
keeps the wrist straight, to allow proper blood flow to heal the inflammation.

When it really gets bad, I even wear the brace during the day.  It usually
goes away after a couple of days with the brace (guess I've been lucky so far).

You can get wrist braces at any medical supply company.  A lot of the larger
drugstores also carry them.


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