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[IP] carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, etc....

This got sort of long:
I have been reading with interest about my wrist , shoulder, and hip.  I
never even mentioned that to any of you. who published my diary? /-< 
I am having a bout with my wrist now and it makes typing a real pain,
and slow. Ihave arepetitious job, that is worse at some times of the
year and that is when it usuallyu bothers me; not now.  I have some
really strong pills that have all kinds of side affects that I take for
a week when this happens, very hard on the stomach also.  The shoulder
happened 7 or 8 years ago, and they weren't able to help with the shots,
or therapy. I quit therapy since it was all coming out of my pocket, and
I just manipulated my skoulder myself.  Like was said, brings tears to
your eyes. The operation probably would have worked faster, but 4 mos of
my therapy got me through it. Haven't had any more shouler probs, but
did have an accident at work tripping over a stool ( signed
I.M.Klutz)that bruised my hip socket.  I went to the emergency room, and
they thought I pulled a groin muscle.  Got to visit the P. Therapist
again.  He hurt me more every time he manipulated the hip.  Finally He
suggested that I go back to the Doc. who works for the company I work
for, and he blamed the diabetes.  It is a great scape goat for the
medical profession.  I had to pay for my own MRI to find out that the
socket was bruised.  The insurance would not pay for this as an onthe
job accident, but they used this to evaluate my claim. ??? Does
something sound like it sucks here?
It did, I am still working at the same place, and looking out for
stools, but poorer and wiser.  My hip took over two years to heal up,
and that may be due to my diabetes, and then it may have been because of
the way it was treated in the beginning; or both.  
Does the carpal tunnel take a long time to heal? and does it work?I
would really like the pain to quit, for I love to fish, and I need that
wrist! any info would be appreciated.
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