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RE: [IP] how long does it take

> as long as ultralente is being used there is NO way the basal
> rates and boluses can be correctly set.

Ok, time for me to insert my $0.02 worth.

First of all, I'll state that I agree with probably every other member on
this list -- one shouldn't be mixing *any* long-acting injections (Lente,
NPH, UltraLente, etc.) with the pump.

However, I *CAN* see one almost-arguable reason for doing so.  Not one that
I personally buy, but one I wouldn't be too surprised to hear at some point.
When using the pump, especially with Humalog, you don't have much time to
react if you have problems (blockage, bad/yanked infusion set, etc.)  By
using a small amount of a long-acting insulin, at least you have *SOME*
insulin in your system in the event of such a problem.

Using ultralente in particular, along with the pump, works *IN THEORY*
because the ultralente is supposed to have a relatively flat response curve.
This could be used to provide the absolute minumum base basal rate, on top
of which the pump's basal rate settings can be used to compensate for the
fluctuations in basal requirements caused by things such as dawn phenomenon,

Unfortunately, ultralente's activity is unpredictable at best for many
(most?) people, throwing this nice theoretical idea out the window.

Of course, it could also be that the doctor in question isn't even thinking
in terms of this ideal world situation but is instead just COMPLETELY
clueless :-)

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