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Re: [IP] DKA and Ketones

Oh and one more thing...

At risk of confusing people completely, you can also get ketones in the
urine after a long hypo (rather than high bg). Typically after one of
those night time hypos. Your body can't get enough energy from the
glucose in your blood, because there's not enough glucose there - that's
why you're having a hypo. So it breaks down fat for energy, and makes
ketones. These then show up in your urine.

By the time morning comes, your hypo is over, your bg has rebounded and
is now very high, so you're showing classic high bg, high ketone signs.
This can confuse doctors no end!

If you suspect you've had a mild hypo in the night but didn't wake up -
perhaps you know the feeling, waking with a headache - you can test for
this by checking your urine for ketones. If ketones are there, and
you're sure your insulin's working fine, it would suggest you've had a


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