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[IP] Shoulder Problems

I 've had 'adhesive capsulitus' for about 5 years now and saw every orthopedic
doctor in the state of NH (seemed like it anyway).  They shot me up with
Cortison- which didn't help the pain at all and goosed my BG up into the
500's.  They tried me on just about every steroid preparation that was on the
market-  no help whatsoever. I tried months of physical therapies with some
relief - but nothing that lasted more than a day.  My next 'option' was
surgery.  The only thing I knew was that since I hadn't injured my shoulders
and that since it started in my left and later developed in my right that it
must not be whatever they thought it was- I could find no external cause.  The
people I talked with I suspect thought I was making this up?  Dunno, but my
boss did and refused to allow me to discontinue replacing stock on the top

 No one EVER mentioned Adhesive Capsulitus to me- or performing any kind of
manipulation under anasthesia. I found out what it was by reading online and I
cried when I realized that I was finally validated.  It can be a lonely world
out there for a diabetic. What helped me immensely was massage thereapy.  I
found a masseuse who was willing to do just my shoulders and back, for a
reduced fee and I went once a week. This made the pain tolerable and it was
worth the $ because I could sleep through the night -- for me that was the
worst part of it. I was disheartened that I could no longer do a lot of those
yoga stretches I used to pride myself on, but that was more of an ego thing. I
continue to exercise those arms and the pain is nearly gone now- not sure why
exactly-- maybe just time- dunno.

Educating the Educated

I have often thought it was my mission to educate all I come in contact with
about my diabetes -- including doctors, more frequently nurses, and whoever
else has a
the good fortune! :-) Many of these folks really try to 'fake it'  -- and I
work with them as long as I can stand it-- usually depending on how badly I
need their input ( prescriptions, blood tests etc.)  Too bad we can't list all
the wonderful medical personnel out there who makes the job of being a
diabetic easier.  I think that some of them I've dealt with that have been not
so hot or down right dangerous, are frequently just afraid to admit they don't
know something.  It's that "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing" thing!

As I told the ER nurse who was telling me what I should be doing when I was
being discharged after a particularly nasty night of "partying with the
paramedics"  (who said that?  that was a wonderful way to put it!)  -- She
said to make sure I called doctor - "He's the expert"..  I told her "He's the
doctor: I'm the expert."  One nurse actually said she thought ALL diabetics
had nasty temperments.  Up until now my endo has had the breadth, but I have
had the dept of this disease.  Thanks to you guys that's changing.  I go to my
endo's with a list of my current diabetic issues, and how I plan to treat
them.  They have always agreed with me so far.  That way we're both off the

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