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[IP] Re: Dress Dilemma & Much Appreciated Support

Thanks so much for all the suggestions concerning my
limited ideas of how to conceal the pump. One thing
that worried me (besides not having immediate access
to it as you do when you wear it at the waist) is
that I'm an admitted klutz, and have been known to
drop the pump on the floor--that's why I never made
friends with the clip, since you have to take it out
of the case. Now I have lots of things to try. Way

I have been in what I call "Migraine Land" for the
last couple of days. Thanks to the information I've
received here, I really think it's a result of
intaking too much Nutrasweet, and trying to follow
inappropriate orders from my CDE. He and the
Dietician have been very helpful to me in carbo/bolus
calculations, but I'm going to see them again on
Friday, and I stand firm with Becky and others who
have offered support in making it clear that I do NOT
want snacks connected in any way with my basal rates,
and officially appoint myself as the  person who
knows what's best for me, doing whatever I can to
work toward achieving it. Knowledge is power. I LOVE
this group!

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