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[IP] Follow up note on coke vs glucose tabs

    I realize that this is coming a little after the discussion, but I
finally had time to share my thoughts about the options to treat hypo.  When
I discover Kerry in a hypo episode and she is somewhat able to drink a can
of coke, I usually will get her a can and often have to hold it for her.  I
have found that a can of coke will usually help her to recover faster
(sometimes within five minutes) so that then she can eat to counteract the
hypo properly.
    We have tried to use the glucose tabs and even the gel.  These usually
will not work in a timely manner on Kerry.  I once used an entire tube of
the tabs to try to pull her out, but the tabs did not work.  In the mean
time her bs continued to drop.  After waiting about ten minutes, I had to
call for medical assistance because her bs was not rising.  It could very
well be due to Kerry's gastro that these were not absorbed, but I am not
      On a side note, if anyone does happen to need a glucagon to counteract
a low, my suggestion is that the injection be given in the abdomin because
it seems that the absorbtion rate is faster.

Brian Spitler

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