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Re: [IP] Short update & a little help

     As the spouse of a very brittle pumper I can clearly understand what you have been going through.  My wife, Kerry, is also having a rough time with her gastro.  Dr seems to think it is starting to affect her intestines.  Hope he is wrong, but not very likely. 
     As for you request for ideas, Kerry was having a similiar problem.  The dr said that sites were acting like a storage depot for her velosulin(?) and then they would suddenly empty into her system creating exterme lows (some as low as 15).  Her dr changed her recently to straight humulin which has helped with the absorbtion issue.  Kerry has only required 3 glucagon injections in the last 10 days (a very big improvement).  
     I was interested to find out that you also reside in Omaha.  I am curious to which endo you are seeing.  Kerry is being treated at the endo section of UNMC (university of Nebraska Medical Center for those outside of the area).  
Brian Spitler   email @ redacted   
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Date: Wednesday, April 08, 1998 8:13 PM
Subject: [IP] Short update & a little help

Pumpers & Friends,
    I sorry that I have had not the time too write more to the group. But the last three Month have been hard on me. My gastroparesis has got much worse, causing me to have 6 seizures from below 20 BS . (Yes, my core temp. did get low too, very warm bath did help)We try everything to get them to be normal; try cut rates by over 75% but BS were all over 50 / 500 ---Ensure for days on end--- then started on IV  Erythromycin this has helped it the past but this time very little, so last week they put in a implantable vascular access port in my chest and Monday I started on TPN(Total Parenteral Nutrition Therapy) NO FOOD FOR ME UNTIL IT IS DONE. The doctors hope this will let my gut recover; I set togo two month at least. It has been trying to get Basal rates set,Its been like starting all over again and adding it to the fact I get calories all the time now not many  37.5 per hr. (but this will go up on Friday so I will need to change the rates again too) 900cal a day {Lori & Sara this is a great way to lose wt. I've lost 12lbs in three days but I don't think you like how you feel doing it} . They are going to work me back to 2000-2400ADA in the next two month.
     Now for alittle help from someone, today I started back to work was find in the AM but at 200pm(this is the time we get orders out of the computer so there is a big push to get them done fast& done for the day and I over did it) I got low down to 39BG yes I did turn pump off drank reg Coke got it to go up but as soon as I stop the Cokes it drop again.  I'm using Velsulin may have to chages it to humlog.I tried it before and had site problems so what mix is everyone using? I did call doctor but missed one and am waiting for the other one to call back.
    Sara, I sorry I missed you in the Hop. I called Sat. AM but you had something to do, and I need to be in Wheaton to see My Sister and her kids before I came back to Omaha. Tip on flying:take a small ziploc in it put a syringe, insulin, alcohol, infusion set, dressing, pump syringe, Glu Tabs, meter & things for it and letter from doctor why you carries this. make up three or more kits and put them in or with as many bag or peoples as you can. Then I carry this all in the bag my Elite came in. 
    Glenn, Karla, Sue, Roz, Buddy,  Sara, Lori, and all my Pumper Ink friend, THANK YOU all for your notes and calls,I sorry I have not written back  but I will try to do it more from now on. So Remember....
        SMILE & BE HAPPY
    Your Friend Rodney