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Re: [IP] DKA and Ketones


Thanks for this great explanation.  I've found that my doctors have (both)
just sort of danced around this issue.  Fortunately, I've never gone into DKA.

What, if any, are the physical symptoms of DKA  vs. symptoms of high blood
sugar, which I unfortunately already know about :-(  ?

Mary Jean

> So DKA is not the presense of ketones: it's when the blood acid level
>  rises because you can't get rid of the ketones.
>  So a high bg on its own doesn't cause DKA.
>  Ketones in the urine doesn't cause DKA.
>  A high bg, and small amounts of ketones doesn't cause DKA.
>  But a high bg, and high ketone level in the urine - that's possibly
>  dangerous. DKA will develop as soon as dehydration sets in, which may
>  not be far off. So lots of water, and insulin straight away by injection
>  (sort the infusion set out later).
>  HTH
>  John
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