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Re: [IP] DKA and Ketones

Ketosis just means ketones in your urine. It's a normal bodily function
which non-diabetics have as well. The body makes ketones when it burns
fat to get energy, rather than glucose - ie you've not eaten all day, or
you've done a lot of exercise (and passed your "2nd wind"), or, in the
case of diabetics, no insulin around to allow the body to use the
available glucose. Ketones are routinely removed by the kidneys and put
in your urine.

It's only dangerous when combined with a very high blood sugar. Your
poor kidneys are then trying to wash both glucose and ketones out of the
blood and into the urine. This requires lots of water. It finds there's
not enough water in the blood to do the job properly, and so the ketones
remain in the blood. This makes the blood very acidic, and that is
dangerous. Your body devotes a lot of attention to keeping it's acid
level just right. When the acid balance goes, lots of other things
rapidly go wrong in the body elsewhere. And what do have? DKA - Diabetic
Keto Acidosis - Too much Acid because of too many Ketones and you're

So DKA is not the presense of ketones: it's when the blood acid level
rises because you can't get rid of the ketones.

So a high bg on its own doesn't cause DKA.
Ketones in the urine doesn't cause DKA.
A high bg, and small amounts of ketones doesn't cause DKA.

But a high bg, and high ketone level in the urine - that's possibly
dangerous. DKA will develop as soon as dehydration sets in, which may
not be far off. So lots of water, and insulin straight away by injection
(sort the infusion set out later).


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