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Re: [IP] DKA and Ketones

You all sound like you are gonna drop dead if your blood sugar gets too high.
You may mess up your meter averages, you may feel like s**t for a while, but,
as my learn-ed, book edjicated pappy says, "un-lax."  Just take control of it,
fix it and get on with your life!  We all know the complications that arise
from long term high blood sugars, but one or two every so often are not gonna
throw you completely off course!!!

Simply having blood sugar over 240 is not a cause for alarm.  Do not feel the
need to call an ambulance if your blood sugar is 320.  Most people, and YMMV,
are not gonna drop into a coma with a blood sugar of 387 unless it stays that
way for an extended period of time...and is climbing.  Stay calm.  Check your
ketones, check and make sure your pump is functioning, make sure you have
insulin and not air bubbles in  your pump, change your site.   Of course there
are people with gastroparesis, who have another factor to consider, but in
general most of "OUR" highs are attributable to either:

         1)  bad site
         2)  bad insulin   OR 
         3) human error in computation or forgetting to put insulin in, or
forgetting to           
              take a bolus with a meal, or....

Then of course there is always the case that you  might be following some
antiquated quack medical advice from some stone age era doctor educated in the
dark ages...that is a whole 'nother story

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