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Re: [IP] Snacks w/o bolusing

> A better idea(hey, it just worked for us!!) shop around for dr.'s who know
> what they're doing and change dr's if your needs and attitudes change and
> theirs don't. You are employing them to take care of your health and if they
> can't do the job, FIRE"EM!! If they lose enough of their practice(that term
> has always made me wonder ) they'll eventually change or go out of business...


In theory that works fine, but in practice only the well informed and
motivated like yourself move on, whilst the timid and ignorant stay with
the bad doctor. It takes a lot of courage to disagree with your doctor,
and many simply don't have that. It's them I'm worried for.

> I'd love to add a few names to your list!!! The problem is a publicized list
> would have to be backed up with documented screw ups, which could be difficult
> to do, seeing as doctors are very good at playing the paperwork game.
> Anything short of written documentation could open the "listmaker" up for a
> very nasty slander suit.

Who's going to do any slandering? We're talking factual statements.

If Doctor X tells his patients: "No diabetic needs more than one basal
then how can he object to his statement being aired for all to see? If
he holds that view, then everyone's entitled to know. If he retracts the
statement, then we've achieved our aim and he's been educated. Otherwise
he lays himself open to professional ridicule, but he's not being

There may be one problem: doctor/patient confidentiality. What you say
to your doctor is certainly confidential, but is what your doctor says
to you also confidential? I don't know. Are there any lawyers on the

Bear in mind I'm British, and so not bound by US law.

So, if anyone would like to pass on to me any blatantly incorrect facts
their doctor/endo/dietitian/CDE has told them about pumping, I'll
publish this on my "name and shame" website! Don't forget the doctor's
name and clinic address, but I won't publish your name unless you want

John Neale
mailto:email @ redacted

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