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Re: [IP] how long does it take

On  8 Apr 98 at 15:38, Timmy and Debbie wrote:

> Hello there...It's my wife who usually posts here but today it's my turn...
> I'm wondering how long it took you all to get your basal rates and bolus
> ratios set...
> Our endo insists on keeping our son TJ on Ultralente (one a day injection)
> along with Humalog in the pump..For three days now we have been trying to
> set basal rates and boluses and well, it's been nothing but eratic..60 to
> 600....If any of you can tell me how long it took you I'd appreciate it
> greatly...

It took us about a week to get the basal rates set to the point where 
I wasn't going over 200 or below 40 regularly.  Ultralente is a wild 
card because of the erratic way it is absorbed.  Are you absolutely 
sure that this endo is a doctor?  Mixing Ultralente and a pump is a 
recipe for failure - maybe this doctor is setting your son up to fail 
so the "doctor" can perform a "miracle" and rescue your son from the 
"evil" of good control...

>    I have reluctantly agreed to allow the Doc to try this method (for a
> while) because arguing about it in front of TJ isn't a good thing ......He
> needs to think all is going well...is it? I just have nothing to compare
> to...
>  also..any further comments about the use of Ultralente along with a pump
> will be greatly appreciated...I just wish there were some literature to
> back up this method..I'm having a very hard time coming to grips with it
> seeing as so many are having such successes the "standard" way...

Contact the pump vendor (MiniMed or Disetronic) immediately.  Ask for 
someone who you can call from the doctor's office and get on a 
conference call.  Get another real endo with real pump experience 
involved even if it's only as a phone consultant.  Get a good CDE 
involved too.   Get the doctor to explain to these people exactly why 
Ultralente is "required" when the pump supplies the basal insulin.  
You've got to be aggresive on this - the doctor is bordering on 
malpractice with this kind of foolinshness.   
Randall Winchester

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