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Re: [IP] how long does it take

Timmy, Debbie and TJ:

This has been said before - the plan which your doctor is using for TJ is
*highly* unorthodox!!! At the risk of scaring you, I have to say that your
results so far clearly indicate it is also potentially dangerous.

I know well over one hundred pumpers and know of *NO ONE* who is using long
acting insulin in conjunction with Humalog via pump. I know of no one who
has even attempted this routine ....

I have kept silent on your struggle so far, but need to scream here ....

1) Immediately contact your pump supplier and demand their *immediate*
assistance in getting hold of an endo who understands pump therapy. This is
critical. Your doctor clearly needs some immediate guidance in this area.
This is not something you can delay. Your doctor appears to be flying
blind. You don't have the time to train him. He is simply "in the way" at
this point.

2) Due to the unpredictable nature of *any* long acting insulin, there will
be little or no chance of establishing the basal and bolus rates. This
can't be done with long acting insulin in your system. This needs to be
clearly understood. It will *not* work.

3) The ranges of 600 to 60 are well outside of any reasonable target range,
even for pump initiation and should not be tolerated. I have not heard of
any pediatric endo who would tolerate ranges like this.

4)  Make absolutely certain that you are checking for ketones in TJ's urine
when his BG is over 240. This is very important. If ketones are present in
moderate to high levels, you must take quick action to prevent DKA.

5)  Contact another physician. This process needs to be started
immediately. There is nothing so important at this point as your child's
health. It is imperative that you find someone who knows what they are
doing. There will be tears shed, there will be frustration. Don't let that
stop you from taking immediate action.

I may get scalded, flamed and banished for my opinions on this, but *DO NOT

Please keep us in the loop on this. It's very important.

Bob Burnett

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